More sites for X-Cart
with "add to cart" function

Module that extending your X-Cart possibilities
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
Let the module guide you
In case you want to:
Create informative sites...
..Describing a service or goods (in a form of a blog, an article or a gallery with comments) – and, at the same time, without annoying embedded product cards, yet allowing for a purchase.
Have several sites...
...In different domains and, possibly, different platforms and, still, process those orders in one and the same X-Cart shop?
Create a single product...
...Or service selling site (where there is no need in catalogue, flypages, product cards, standard shop windows; where all what is needed is a clear text, attractive design and simple editing possibilities; and where orders are processed through X-Cart)?
Create, on the contrary, a text for...
...Selling a complex product / service where a lot of information is to be delivered to the customer without any assistant's help?
It allows to connect the "Add To The Cart In One Click" function to any page element chosen by you (i.e. a button, a text hyper link and a picture); this can be done on pages allowing for JS code (even located in another domain)

On doing this, a sticky mini-cart icon will appear in a corner of the given static page: the icon indicates the total number of the goods added to the cart and the sum; a click on the icon opens the cart of the main X-Cart site (where customers can see all their added goods and process the order).

Technically speaking, after installation, the module generates a basic script (the script is to be placed on a page of an additional site) and automatically generates "Add To The Cart" scripts for the goods (they look like hyper links and can be attached to the given elements of the additional site / page – to a button, a text, or a picture).

Due to the module there is a huge area for experimenting with various methods of providing and placing information regarding:
- goods and services,
- methods of use / application of the goods,
- problems and needs facing your customers

All this can be performed with a help of various special design and slicing platforms meant for creating nice-looking, functional and informative pages.

More sites for X-Cart
with "add to cart" function
How to use:
Connect external website to your X-Cart shop in 2 steps
1st step: Connecting your external website
1. Open My addons/More sites for X-Cart with "add to cart" function/settings.

2. Copy JS reference code for external websites into the <HEAD> tag of your external website.

3. Make sure you have jQuery library (v1.11.3) on your external website.

2nd step: Adding add-to-cart function for button, image or text

1. When the module is installed you can find block of link codes for external websites in the bottom of all product pages
(like Catalog/Products/your_product).

2. Use them to insert add-to-cart function for button, text or image on your external website.

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